Field of activity of Falat Mehr Pars Company

  • Management of logistics projects (loading, transportation, installation)

This group has been able to create a consortium consisting of capable transportation companies across the country and by modeling the world’s modern methods and using the triangle (time-method-cost) and by employing experienced specialists and up-to-date devices and machines. Modern provides safe and quality services to employers and owners of goods.



Installation of heavy and super heavy equipment

1. 1.Consultancy and compilation of project logistics schedule

2. Loading heavy and extra heavy equipment

3. Carrying heavy and extra heavy equipment

4. Installation

  • Supply chain (supplier and procurement) Supplier and Procurement services

This holding has been able to provide distinct and different services with the integrated management of the supply chain and communication with reliable manufacturers, by creating specialized units in the field of supply and delivery of goods (industrial and non-industrial) in an agile, stable and compatible with the standards required by employers. .

  • Maintenance services