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About us

According to the needs of the world and after expert reviews and using experienced personnel, the idea of establishing a company in order to develop more and more activities in the field of logistics and refinery services and mega projects and power plants and to be present in the international arena took Mehr Pars Plateau International Company was established in March 1384. With continuous efforts to improve the level of technology, in compliance with international standards, in 1401, this company has succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, IEC of England and subsequently the international Nisab certificate, ISO 10004 of Canada.

Field of activity of Flat Mehr Pars Company

  • Management of logistics projects (loading, transportation, installation)

This group has been able to create a consortium consisting of capable transportation companies across the country and by modeling the world’s modern methods and using the triangle (time-method-cost) and by employing experienced specialists and up-to-date devices and machines. Modern provides safe and quality services to employers and owners of goods.

1. Consulting and compiling the logistics schedule of projects

2. Loading heavy and extra heavy equipment

3. Carrying heavy and extra heavy equipment

4. Installation



Installation of heavy and super heavy equipment

  •  Supplier and Procurement services

This holding has been able to provide distinct and different services with the integrated management of the supply chain and communication with reliable manufacturers, by creating specialized units in the field of supply and delivery of goods (industrial and non-industrial) in an agile, stable and compatible with the standards required by employers.

  • Imports and exports

After going through the legal process and submitting documents, this group succeeded in obtaining a business card for a strong presence in international markets and export-import activities.

  •  Maintenance services


 Falat Mehr Pars Services

Some of our activities are as follows:

  • Construction
  • Project Management
  • Machinery
  • Electronic services
  • Installation
  • Optimization
  • Engineering
  • Transportation

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Technology repair systems


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